Because She's Not a Regular Mom, She's a Cool Mom

Posted by Bixpy on Apr 24th 2024

Because She's Not a Regular Mom, She's a Cool Mom

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift guide for the cool moms in your life? Look no further than!

Whether your mom loves camping under the stars, hitting the water on a paddleboard, or reeling in the big ones while fishing, Bixpy has got you covered. Say goodbye to the traditional flowers and chocolates and give your mom a gift she'll truly appreciate this Mother's Day.

For the Mom Who Thinks Campfires are Better than Wi-Fi

Does your mom get more excited about collecting firewood than collecting likes on Instagram? If she's the type to swap stories around a campfire instead of swiping on screens, we've got the ultimate Mother's Day gift that screams "I get you, Mom!" Introducing the PP-77-AP w/ SUN45 Solar Panel bundle from Bixpy, a game-changer for moms who believe the best connection is found in nature, not on a network.

Imagine this: Your mom, out in the wild, her phone miraculously charged not by some elusive outlet hidden behind a tree (because, surprise, those don't exist), but by the power of the sun itself! This bundle isn't just a gift; it's her VIP pass to keeping her gadgets juiced up for those essential wilderness selfies. The SUN45 Solar Panel is like her personal little power station, ensuring that she's always ready for whatever Mother Nature throws her way, from capturing sunrise time lapses to lighting up the trail with GPS at dusk.

And let's talk about the PP-77-AP. This isn't your average, run-of-the-mill power pack. It's the Swiss Army knife of portable power, designed for moms who laugh in the face of low-battery warnings and who consider "off the grid" a challenge rather than a threat. With this in her arsenal, your mom can elevate her campsite to glampsite, all while staying true to her adventurous spirit.

Woman using Bixpy power bank with solar panel chargers

Paddleboard Moms, Assemble

Meet the Standard K-1 Outboard Kit from Bixpy, the fairy godmother of paddleboard accessories. This isn't just an upgrade; it's your mom’s ticket to becoming the queen of the waterways.

Let's paint a picture: your mom is standing on her board, zipping across the water like Aquaman on a good day. That's right, no more "paddle harder, mom" pep talks to herself. The K-1 Outboard Kit is like having a silent, electric-powered dolphin pushing you along, so you can glide over the water's surface.

Installing this beauty is so simple and user-friendly — and doesn't require you to be a rocket scientist or a mechanical engineer. We're all about keeping it easy-peasy, so you can spend more time enjoying the water and less time fussing with gear.

Imagine all the extra ground (or should we say, water?) you can cover with this nifty kit attached to your paddleboard. Explore those far-off nooks and crannies of the lake or coast you've been eyeing but couldn't quite reach with paddling alone. And the best part? You can say adios to those arm-aching paddles back to shore. With the Standard K-1 Outboard Kit, it's all smooth sailing... or, well, paddling.

Mom paddleboarding with dog using a Bixpy motor

For the Angler Mom Who's Reeling in the Big Ones

Picture this: Mom, out on the serene waters at the crack of dawn, armed with nothing but her fishing rod and a steely determination to outwit the aquatic locals. It's her happy place, but let's be honest, sometimes the fish seem to be on a different schedule. That's where the Angler Pro Kit from Bixpy swims into the picture.

Imagine mom's glee as she effortlessly navigates to those secret, fish-filled spots with the stealth and agility of a marine ninja, all thanks to the Angler Pro Kit. No more rowing back with sore arms or battling the current to stay in that perfect spot. Now, she's got the power to chase the catch without breaking a sweat. The real beauty? It leaves her more energy for the important stuff - like boasting about the one that didn’t get away.

Mom in kayak with Bixpy angler kit

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we recommend jumping on ordering a gift for your mother; after all, she’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool, watersport-loving mom!